About Skillman

Whether you are on the road or on the water, Skillman Management has the products that you need to care for your car or boat.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Skillman Management represents only the finest Automotive and Boat Care products available on the market today. With over 20 years experiences in the Automotive market, Skillman Management is the one place to shop for all of your Automotive and Boating needs.

As the exclusive distributor for QMI automotive products, and HULA Boat Care products, we encourage our customers and distributors to visit our partners' web site, or learn about our product lines right here at Skillman.us.

Orders can be placed, questions and pricing requests answered, and information concerning international distribution can all be addressed immediately by contacting us via email.

Skillman Management offers free delivery to the upper Texas Gulf Coast region for our distributors placing orders, and international shipments can be offered on an FOB basis, or discounted price through our contract rates with ECU Lines, our worldwide shipping partner!



Local Access

Located in Houston for decades, we're your local distributor for all of your quality Automotive and Boat Care needs.  As a part of the community ourselves, we care deeply about improving your driving and boating experience.


Our entire line of HULA Boat Care products is environmentally safe, water soluble, and will not harm the local ecosystem.  Just another way we're looking out for the community.


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